"Now lay before her a choice. Inside her, a deep fire burns uncontrollable. Her body heads’ to none, energy abound. She fights with her will, determined and brave she takes the leap. Her youthful softness buffering the corners of life smooth as water to rocks. Her power beckoning new adventure and hope.  There is ease in her grace. The bright horizon un-daunting. Her instincts are raw, she wanders …. Just as the lily pads float without apology, as does the beauty of her youth. And all of her, inside it.

Let us encourage her journey in this stage. As it is more beautiful than our wisdom, and as fleeting as the sunsets. To soon we learn the scars of life without understanding. This is her time to become her own." -LM

Melissa has a wonderful, youthful energy, that gave us a reminder to smile. 

Working on "YOUTH" with Melissa was one of the serene moments in this project. Everything felt as beautiful as we had dreamed and she was the perfect canvas to express this concept.